Twenty-seven Silver, Ruby, and Sapphire Life Masters were honored by the Beaumont Bridge Studio with a BLING Party on Saturday, January 13. Sixteen tables sported BLING from head-to-toe to celebrate the group earning over 61,000 masterpoints while participating in ACBL for a total of 829 years! Among the group are four who are over the age of 90.

Sapphire Life Masters include Dr. A Bharathi, Cynthia Stueber, Martha Sigler, Flo Gillispie.

Ruby Life Masters include Bob McGill, Joan Hataway, Juanell Jones, Anna Smith, Vivian Breedlove, Jerry Triggs, Blanche Sibley, Tim Stelly, Juanita Dean, Patsy Pierce, Betty Poindexter, Loretta Gary, June Eddingston, Kaz Bell (Not pictured: Jack Evans, Beverly Hulsey, Mary Johnson, Marian Jones, Mary Lou Terry)

Silver Life Masters include Liz Mackenzie, Pat Bell, and Marilyn Adams (Not pictured: Ron Sanders)