Liu takes Mini-Spin 2500 title

The 0-2500 Mini-Spingold KO Teams champions: Leon Yu, Xuhua Lin, captain Tsao-Tung Tsai, Jim Liu

The squad captained by Jim Liu of Saratoga CA won the final of the 0-2500 Mini-Spingold Knockout Teams. The Liu team defeated Liu Xiang’s squad 172-82.
Playing with Liu were Taso-Tung (Kevin) Tsai of Cupertino CA, Xuhua Lin of Edison NJ and Leon Yu of Syosset NY. Tsai was a member of the winning team in last year’s event.
For the runners-up, the squad is an all-Chinese Junior team: Liu Xiang, Yuxuan Chen, Zhengwen Li,  and Yike Xie.

Second place: captain Liu Xiang, Yuxuan Chen, Zhengwen Li, Yike Xie

Liu jumped out to a 26-14 score in the first quarter and expanded their lead at halftime 60-36. A huge third-quarter set allowed Liu to almost double their opponents IMP total (125-66), and the winners increased their advantage in the fourth set.