Play Bridge

Whether for practice, masterpoints® or just for fun, here are ways to play your next hand of bridge.

An infinite stream of hands. All day, everyday.
Just Play Bridge
Test Your Play. Five difficulty levels.
Bridge Master
No bidding. Practice taking tricks.
No bidding. Make the contracts.
Just Declare

Online for Masterpoints
Play online for masterpoints.
Bridge Base Online
Free. 24/7 bridge
OK Bridge
Download and install.
Swan Games
Play bridge where ever.

In Person
They're everywhere!
Find a Teacher
Face-to-face or online.
Find a Tournament
More than 3000 choices.
Find a Club Game

College Bridge & More
Free club for college students.
College Bridge Online Club
An interactive, learn-as-you-play web program.
Learn To Play Bridge Online
Interactive software for Windows only.
Learn to Play Bridge Software