2021 Online

Upcoming Events (CSS and Back Button)

Club Tournament
June NAP Qualifying (all month)
The Longest Day (19-20)
Endless Summer Regional (24-27)
July NAP Qualifying (all month)
Stardust Week (July 26-August 1)
NABC Robot Individual (10-12)
NAOBC (15-25)
August NAP Qualifying (all month) Virtual Vacation Regional (27-30)
September GNT Qualifying (all month)
Labor Day Event (Sept. 6)
International Fund Weekend (Sept. 11-12)
Silver Linings Week (Sept. 20-26)
October GNT Qualifying (all month)
Club Appreciation Week (Oct. 11-17)
Fall into Bridge Regional (Oct. 21-34)
November GNT Qualifying (all month)
Stardust Week (Nov. 15-21)
NABC Robot Individual (Nov. 20-22)
NAOBC (Nov. 26-Dec. 5)
December Winter Wonderland Regional (Dec. 16-19)