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2 2 2♠ 2NT
3♣ 3 3 3♠ 3NT
4♣ 4 4 4♠ 4NT
5♣ 5 5 5♠ 5NT
6♣ 6 6 6♠ 6NT
7♣ 7 7 7♠ 7NT
Pass Double Redouble

What’s your call?

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Bid Award
2♠ 50
Redbl 45
2 30
4♣ 30
5♣ 30
2NT 25
3♣ 25
Pass 10
3NT 5


For yesterday’s It’s Your Call deal (from March 2009’s Bridge Bulletin), 2♠ was named top bid.
The two main groups of voters chose redouble and 2♠.
“Because I passed the first time,” said Larry Cohen, “I will redouble to show a good hand for now.”
“Redouble and follow with a cuebid or two,” said Richard Freeman.
Allan Falk also redoubled. “I have to start showing some values,” he said. “Later, I’ll have to make another strong bid. We likely belong in 5♣.”
Some panelists chose to cuebid 2♠.
“2♠ is our safest and least confusing cuebid,” said Peggy and John Sutherlin. “It lets partner know we have game interest.”
“I am not cuebidding 2,” said Jill Meyers. “I’m afraid partner would play me for hearts when I have another cuebid available.”
“2♠,” agreed Mike Lawrence, “2*H* would be natural and that’s not the message I want to send.”
“2♠ announces the big fit and the trap pass,” said Kitty and Steve Cooper. “We play that a trap pass at this vulnerability denies a game-forcing hand, so we are free to come to life now.”
“After 2♠, I hope I can show enough values to talk partner into a club slam, if it’s there,” said Karen Walker. “I don’t want to steer us into 3NT if we have just one spade stopper.”
The Bridge Baron bid 2NT. Because the support double after an overall is not part of the Standard American Yellow Card system, which Bridge Baron plays, it thought the double of 2♣ was penalty.
“3♣,” said Steve Robinson. “This shows values and club support.”
5♣,” said Kerri Sanborn. “That’s what I think we will make on this hand. It’s unlikely we have enough tricks for 3NT and any slam investigation will most likely overstate my club holding.”
The scorer, Karen Walker, explained why 2♠ scored slightly higher.
“The scoring edge goes to 2♠ because it sends a clearer message about the fit than redouble,” said Walker. “Redouble might suggest interest in a penalty. The opponents have already taken far too many bids on a deal that belongs to us, and redouble gives them room to continue.”

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