Silodor winners

Winners of the Silodor Open Pairs: Richard Oshlag and Mark Dahl.

Mark Dahl of Richmond VA and Richard Oshlag of Memphis TN topped the field in final of the Silodor Open Pairs, winning the four-session contest by a third of a board. In second was the first-time partnership of Michael Rosenberg of Sunnyvale CA and Adam Grossack of Newton MA.
Dahl and Oshlag, who qualified second after Thursday’s opening round, scored 56.84% in the first final session and 63.88% in the second. This is the third NABC title the winners have playing as partners: They have won the NABC+ Fast Pairs for the past two years, and they will defend their title in the contest which begins today. They also have an NABC win as teammates in the 2011 Senior Swiss Teams.
The victory is especially poignant for Oshlag: Today’s events are named in honor of him and wife, Mary, with whom he won the Senior Swiss title, but who is now suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Second in the Silodor Open Pairs: Adam Grossack and Michael Rosenberg.