Smith winners

Winners of the Smith Life Master Women’s Pairs: Rozanne Pollack and Cheri Bjerkan.

Rozanne Pollack of New York and Cheri Bjerkan of Elmhurst IL won the Smith Life Master Women’s Pairs on Friday. They finished about a quarter of a board ahead of the mother-daughter duo of Gen Geiger and Gigi Simpson.
It’s the third time Pollack and Bjerkan have won an event the past year and a half after the last two Women’s BAMs. They also won this event in 2011, and each has at least a dozen other titles to her credit.
“We just had a really solid game throughout,” Bjerkan said. “Except for the first board when I went for 300 for no reason. I took a phantom save.”
“And the last board,” Pollack added. “But it was good in between.”
Bjerkan explained that they had bid a good slam on the last board and Pollack could have taken a working finesse for an overtrick but declined.
“When it’s the last board and you’re doing really well, you just hope it doesn’t cost,” she said.
It didn’t. They finished with 59.79% in the first final and 58.38% in the second after qualifying in 10th place with scores of 52.85% and 59.54% on Thursday.
“We’re sad there aren’t more women’s events,” Bjerkan said – especially team events.
“We don’t even like matchpoints!” Pollack said.

Runners-up in the Smith Life Master Women’s Pairs: Gigi Simpson and Gen Geiger.