Super Seniors

Winners of the Super Senior Pairs: Veronica McMurdie and Dick Jones.

Veronica McMurdie and Dick Jones, a couple from Sacramento CA, won the Super Senior Pairs, a four-session contest limited to players 70 and older. McMurdie and Jones, who finished with a score of 1233.93 matchpoints, edged out Joseph Viola III and Om Chokriwala of California who scored 1231.52 (38 was top).
McMurdie and Jones, who qualified eighth in Sunday’s qualifying round, scored 55.56% in the first final session and 61.23% in the second to grab the win.

Second in the Super Senior Pairs were Joseph Viola and Om Chokriwala.

This was the first NABC win for McMurdie and Jones, although the contest does not confer Grand Life Master eligibility.
Jones rarely attends NABCs. In fact, this is the first NABC that Jones has played in since 1964(!).
Third place went to Markland Jones of Phoenix AZ and Patricia Dovell of Gainesville FL who scored 1222.89.