UC Schools Claim Collegiate Crowns

Educational Foundation President Barbara Heller presents the winners of the Collegiate Bridge Bowl: (standing) Chengwei Li, Xinchen Zhu, Kevin Rosenberg; (kneeling) Minyang Zhou and Armin Askari.

The University of California at Berkeley soundly defeated the Georgia Tech Gold team by a score of 78–37 to win the Collegiate Bridge Bowl. The inaugural running of the Collegiate Individual was won by Andrew Rowberg from the University of California at Santa Barbara.
Berkeley edged out Columbia by 6 IMPs in the semifinal to make it to the big game where, after a 40-IMP first half, they cruised to the win.
Georgia Tech, last year’s Bridge Bowl champ, beat Harvey Mudd College on their way to the final. In the playoff for third–fourth, it was Harvey Mudd by 10 IMPs: 57–47.
Playing for the victorious Berkeley Bears were Chengwei Li, Kevin Rosenberg, Mingyang Zhou, Xinchen Zhu and Armin Askari.

Andrew Rowberg, UC Santa Barbara, who won the Collegiate Individual, is presented a scholarship check by Ed Foundation President Barbara Heller.

Scholarships for $15,000; $10,000; $5000 and $2500 were awarded to the winning teams. Ten teams entered this year’s collegiate contest which, for the first time, was open to any university/college team – no need to qualify online ahead of time.
Rowberg, who is in the third year of a doctoral program in material science at Santa Barbara, dropped into the Individual when his squad was eliminated from the team competition. His win netted him $2000 in scholarship money. Runner-up Hakan Berk of Potomac MD picked up $1000, while Ben Kristensen, from Duluth MN earned $500 scholarship funding for his third-place finish.

Georgia Tech Gold was the runner up in the Collegiae Bridge Bowl: Cyrus Hettle, Richard Jeng, Santhosh Karnik, Arjun Dhir, Zhuangdi Xu

Funding for the scholarships and travel subsidies for 10 teams was provided by the ACBL Educational Foundation and the ACBL.

Third in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl was Harvey Mudd College: Nicholas Koskelo, Jake Williams, Emma Kolesnik, Daniel Sonner


Columbia University was fourth in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl: Jing Zhang, Max Krawczyk, Jiaheng Hu, Yang Xu

Second in the Collegiate Individual was Hakan Berk of the University of Maryland, here with Barbara Heller, president of the Ed Foundation.