Virtual Vacation Tournament

Missing out on trips to the beach, theme parks and campfires? Escape with a Virtual Vacation and break away to bridge!

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Daily Bulletins

Friday, August 28
Saturday, August 29
Sunday, August 30

Online Celebrity Speakers

Looking for some bridge tips before the game? We’ll be posting two video mini-lessons (30 minutes or less) from bridge celebrities each morning during the tournament.

Date Speaker Topic
Thursday, August 27 Donna Compton Defend This Hand With Me
Reese Koppel Play More Hands, Have More Fun: Artful Aggression at Favorable Vulnerability
Friday, August 28 Patty Tucker
Lecture Notes
Bidding Your Strength and Shape
Robert Todd Problem Opening Bids
Saturday, August 29 Marjorie Michelin Do You Always Win the Postmortem If You Return Partner’s Suit?
Barbara Seagram My Kingdom For An Entry
Sunday, August 30 GS Jade Barrett Surviving the Tournament