Zeller, Bright win IMP Pairs

Bob Zeller and Greg Bright

Bob Zeller and Greg Bright entered the Lebhar IMP Pairs as a first-time partnership, but the duo convincingly won the four-session contest, giving each of them their first NABC title.
Zeller, of Ottawa ON, and Bright, of Westminster MD, scored 113.77 IMPs in the event, while second place went to Leo Weniger of Halifax NS and Ronald Mak of Manchester NH with 79.41 IMPs.
“We got a lot of gifts,” said Zeller, who proceeded to give the example

Ronald Mak and Leo Weniger

of their very first board in the evening session of the final.
“We bid to a non-vulnerable 4H, but our opponents took a vulnerable sacrifice in 4S and went for 1400. Not a bad start.” Bright agreed: “Lots of things went our way.”
The winners, who qualified in 57th place, moved to 12th after the first final session before clinching the win in the second final.
Results here.